Who we are?

Sedanah, It is an Archaic Arabic word means the Noble Service. 

The points that our logo denotes:

A – The puzzle pieces are the market
B – The Golden people are represents:
* Suppliers.
* Customers.
* Sedanah People.
* The Operations/Logistics People.
C – They are holding Hands to symbolize teamwork, exchange data and promoting their professional work and expertise.

About Us

Sedanah has established its business in 2004, Our clients trust us as we consider them are our partners, moreover, we believe that their success is a part of our target.

We are a professional, young, dynamic, enthusiastic and progressive company, we are active in:

Pharmaceutical raw materials.
Readymade pharmaceutical products.
Food raw materials .
Pharmaceutical Service.
Construction and Contracting department.
Transportation and Cargo shipping services .

Projects Management and General Trading

We are serving our customer professionally and on time.